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Rights & Permissions

All requests to reproduce material published by Avocado Publishing must be made in writing using the contact form on this site.

Upon submission and review of your enquiries, we may request a pdf copy of the material you wish to reproduce. This must be supplied by email to the Rights Department at Avocado Publishing. Please send your email to the following address

We are not accepting any new submissions at this time.

Foreign Rights
To find out if the translation rights for a particular foreign language are available in an Avocado Publishing title please check the copyright page at the front of the book.

If the book was first published by another publisher, or the translation rights are represented by an agent, you will need to contact them for further information on the status of the translation rights. If, however, Avocado Publishing hold the rights, please email either the sub-rights agent listed for your country, or email the Rights Department with the full title of the book you are interested in and the ISBN.

Film and TV enquiries
Please send an email to enquire about the availability of dramatic, film, television and radio rights in current and backlist titles. The more information you can provide, the better - for example: title, author's name, year of publication, imprint. Many authors have agents who look after the dramatic rights in their work, and we are happy to pass on these details on request.


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